1.5.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured in Gear Patrol

"Each scene is beautiful, shot and cut from multiple, fast-moving perspectives, with a sense of scale but also detail that’s lost with many low-budget films. Sound mixing, produced by a sound crew member from the Fast & Furious franchise, grips you for every bump during car chases that can’t run through crowded and colorful marketplaces, but show ambition and potential flying through empty deserts" writes Travis J. Smith, film writer for Gear Patrol

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3.2.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured in SALON

Salon interviewed lead actor Aaron Costa Ganis about his role and his experience starring in the film.

"A low-budget shoot 'em up shot on location in five countries and the catering is tacos out of a car trunk? Hell yes!"

You can read the full article here

3.2.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured in TIME OUT New York

Time Our New York broke the news about the Blood, Sand and 2 Grand interactive treasure hunt happening in Central Park, March 11th, 2017. You can read the full article here


3.1.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured on Indie Film Hustle

Director Gaelan Connell shares his top 5 tips and tricks in making Blood, Sand and Gold look like a multi-million dollar movie with limited budget on the Indie Film Hustle podcast. 


2.15.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured on Red Carpet Crash

Red Carpet Crash premieres an exclusive Blood, Sand and Gold clip featuring Monica West, Ezra Knight and Christopher Redman. 


1.29.17 - Blood Sand and Gold featured on Flickering Myth

Flickering Myth shares an exclusive sneak peak at the poster art as well as an action-packed chase clip from the films desert sequence. 


11.15.16 - Blood, Sand and Gold on Channel 7

Our producer Francisco Arias talks BSG on Channel 7 in Mexico. Interview starts around the 10 minute mark. 


10.15.16 Blood, Sand and Gold interviewed on

Interview of the production crew hosted by, featuring director Gaelan Connell, Art Director Nadia Bastarrachea, Associate producer Armando Toppa and director of photography Chloe Walker. 


Additional Press

Local - Guadalajara

Local - Guadalajara